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Meet Matt
Matt, 34, is an attorney and managing partner of the law firm, Newton & Arroyo, PLLC.   He grew up in Charlotte (attending CMS schools) and graduated high school at age 16.   He then attended UNC-Wilmington, where he graduated at age 19, before receiving his Juris Doctorate at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, CA.

 Matt returned to Charlotte in 2006 and worked full-time while opening the Law Offices of Matthew Newton.   In 2009, he met his "better five-quarters", Tiffany Arroyo, and they merged their law practices, creating Newton & Arroyo, PLLC.   Newton & Arroyo, PLLC has ever since served a proud tradition of representing indigent clients (those who cannot afford to hire attorneys) under North Carolina's Indigent Defense Services program.

Over the last few years, Matt became an active member of the North Carolina Democratic Party.   He volunteered extensively for the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party by acting as the 2012 GOTV Chair and providing his legal expertise.   Matt has also represented Cabarrus County and Union County Democrats in state-wide matters.

More recently, Matt was the organizer, leader, and spokesperson for the CRB (Citizens Review Board) Reform movement.   He wrote policy, organized an 11-member community organization coalition,* and successfully passed that policy by unanimous City Council vote, including all Democrat and Republican council persons.   This new policy ensured the CRB had the powers it needed to do its job and instilled trust and pride in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.   It is also serving as inspiration for similar movements throughout North Carolina and a new proposed bill for the State Legislature.

Matt has also been an active participant with the Center for Community Change in proposing a supplemental jobs program (that will hopefully compliment the Charlotte Works program); with facilitating discussions between the Department of Transportation and members of the Lincoln Heights, University Heights, and Oaklawn Park communities, regarding the new noise walls going up on I-77; working with Southeast Charlotte residents in their efforts to expose the problems related to HOA/Management Company foreclosure laws; and participating in the Moral Monday Movement.

Matt's community involvement, including CRB Reform, have all been volunteer efforts undertaken out of a sense of public service and willingness to improve the lives of those in the community around him.   He has effected change from the outside-in as a result.   However, he is now asking the voters of District 40 to send him to Raleigh to effect change from the inside-out and allow him an opportunity to do even more.   Please remember to tell your friends, family, and neighbors to vote for Matt Newton on May 6th.

* NAACP, ACLU, Democracy NC, Action NC, National Action Network, A. Philip Randolph Institute, Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Charlotte Community Justice Coalition, Black Women's Caucus, National Hookup of Black Women, and the Campaign for Political Reform.

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