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Matt Newton is a life-long resident of Charlotte, attorney, and devout volunteer, who has worked with numerous community organizations to improve the lives of the Citizens of Charlotte.   He has ensured that justice is served in the courtroom, spearheaded efforts to get local officials elected, and is the champion of Citizens Review Board (CRB) Reform.   Matt doesn't stand on titles or empty promises.   He stands on accomplishments and delivers results that the members of District 40 can believe in.

A recent national study found that Charlotte ranks dead last, among the top 50 largest cities in the country, in a citizen's ability to work his or her way out of poverty.   It has also been estimated that between 70,000-80,000 Charlotteans do not possess a high school diploma (many of these individuals live in the northern portion of our District).   Statistics like these unfairly fall upon the backs of the residents of District 40, and mean that it is nearly impossible for a child growing up in poverty on Statesville Avenue, North Tryon Street/Graham Street, or Independence Boulevard/Idlewild Road to improve their condition or provide a better life for their own children.   This must change.

Now is the time to ignore hollow leadership and institute a fresh vision to combat our State's current regressive policies.   Our District needs and deserves a future Senator with substance.   Matt Newton is that Senator.   Matt will be proactive and work to aggressively propose, draft, and sponsor meaningful legislation.   He has already written and passed policy and law from the outside-in.   Now Matt asks you to help give him the opportunity to write and pass policy and law from the inside-out.

As your Senator, Matt Newton will fight to ensure equal opportunity and social justice for all the residents of
District 40. 
    Matt will:
  • Support a strong public education system, including raising teacher pay;
  • Stand up for teachers and working families;
  • Promote affordable and accountable healthcare;
  • Stick up for the middle class and working poor by tackling the oppressive measures embedded within the General Assembly's recent tax reforms;
  • Modify the laws that obstruct affordable housing and propose legislation that curtails unfairness within the Home Owners Association (HOA) foreclosure process;
  • Address Employment at Will's discriminatory impact while emphasizing every worker's right to a living wage;
  • Work to create State and Local partnerships to bring jobs home for District 40 residents;
  • Sponsor legislation to allow municipalities across the State to create Citizens Review Boards with subpoena power;
  • Act to reign in North Carolina’s expanded Castle Doctrine (Stand Your Ground);
  • Bolster legislation protecting Women's rights, including strengthening the Family Leave Act and Domestic Violence laws;
  • Focus on fully-funding North Carolina's Indigent Defense Services system;
  • Advocate for the reform of North Carolina’s regressive Voter ID laws.

Please ensure that you, your family, and your friends vote for Matt Newton on May 6th.  He won’t let our District down.

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